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Hardcoat Anodizing and Conventional Anodizing including Clear Anodizing and Color Anodizing

Hardcoatings, Inc. Anodizing EquipmentHardcoatings, Inc. has been serving industry since 1975, providing quality coatings for aluminum along with prompt and friendly service. We are strategically based in Charlotte, North Carolina (where Interstate 77 & Interstate 85 intersects). This puts our company within a one day's drive of 55% of the US population.


Technological development over the past several decades has resulted in a widespread increase in the use of aluminum as an engineering material because of its light weight, strength, machineability, and inherent resistance to corrosion.


In most applications, the appearance and utility of aluminum parts can be enhanced by the use of a protective coating. Of the coatings available for aluminum, anodizing offers the best blend of utility, appearance and economy.


We work with many different industries, including textile machinery, packaging machinery, medical and
pharmaceutical equipment, electronics and auto racing.


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